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Norbert Dressel (BSc)

By the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Wiesbaden / Germany
official appointed and Certified Expert / Certified Witness
for Photovoltaic Systems

Solar tecnology expert reports:
We provide you with an expert, independent, and based on the latest technology in compliance with the current DIN/ISO standards report. The report can be for the private or commercial sector. It can also advise on a plan for a solar connection with the existing heating or electrical installation in the building. These expert-reports are unique, clear and comprehensible statements end enables clients to proceed with the project.

Due to the public certification, expert reports for Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems can be made for courts and tribunals.

Frequently during and after installation problems occur and difficult discussions between the investor and the installer start. The topics listed below often are the reasons for dispute.

  • The initial good yields are decreasing
  • Optical changes, gray, yellow tinge, stain, water in the module
  • The expected yields of the manufacturer or installer are not reached
  • The yields vary only slightly, regardless of the weather
  • Solar cables are hot
  • The inverter make noise and show error messages
  • The cables are unprofessionally laid down
  • The installers arguments are barely comprehensible
  • The batteries in the solar system are almost always empty
  • Every year, the batteries must be replaced
  • Damage of modules or other solar components
  • A lightning destroyed the photovoltaic system, the PV system has no lightning protection
  • The insurance refuses to acknowledge and pay the damage to the PV system
  • Loose cables lying on the roof, solar cables are frayed
  • Previous repairs did not improve the yields
  • The payback calculations are not traceable and are wrong
  • The data sheets of the modules are false
  • the delivered modules do not meet the agrees specifications
  • There are no performance data (flasher data) existing
  • The inverters have dropouts and make nois
  • Due to the snow load, the module frame and the glass deforms
  • The cells are visible, dark traces
  • The traces in the solar modules are partially disrupted and destroyed       

Solar thermal:
  • So far there are no savings identified versus the past
  • On sunny days there is only little more yield than on cloudy days
  • Even in a hot summer, it has to be heated with oil / gas / pellets
  • The installation does not work, even when the sun is shining
  • The solar system is running after sunset
  • The yield indicator shows sometimes positive, sometimes negative values
  • The collectors are frozen at low ambient temperatures
  • The pipe insulation is patchy
  • The room with the solar storage tank is often overheated
  • The insulation has "melted"
  • On sunny days it smells of melted plastic
  • The tank is cooling down without using hot water, the daytime heat disappears almost completely
  • The insulation is porous, hardened or crumbs
  • The glass tube collector is dull and milky
  • The solar energy system makes loud knocking noises
  • The solar circuit makes air noises and hisses in the pipes
  • The solar system shows an illogical behavior
  • The solar cycle has lost pressure and solar fluid losses
  • The solar system is leaking
In all of these cases official solar expert helps to identify the route cause. He can spot quite soon if it is a material error, a defective part, if the plant is not properly designed or whether an assembly error is causing the problems.

Please consult us. Contracting for an opinion by a publicly appointed and sworn expert faulty photovoltaic system or a thermal solar system is not only judicial but also private individuals and companies that have a high cost to avoid litigation.

Our offer - a detailed offer includes the following items:
  • Inspection of the installation
  • Route from Geisenheim / Germany
  • Travel time from Geisenheim / Germany
  • Time spent on the expert report
  • Expenses for outlays

The package includes expenses as following:
Reports in paper form and on disk, shipping, use of tools such as camera, thermal imaging camera, measuring equipment for system monitoring, films, phone, fax, internet.

For expert reports the hourly rate is oriented to the fees for official appointed and certified experts.

We are glad to make you an offer.
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